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Serving the Lake Huron Area; Lambton Shores to Saugeen Shores...Stratford, London & KW


/ Pallet Racks / Decking / Shelving Multi-Tier / Mezzanines / Wire Mesh Partitions

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The key benefit of a LAKESIDE mezzanine is its ability to create new space

LAKESIDE mezzanines help you to maximize the total cube area of your facility

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Rack Guards

We carry a large selection of rack guards and protectors, which can be used throughout your warehouse facility.

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Multi-Tier Shelving

From a single unit to multi-tiered high-bay shelving, LAKESIDE can do them all.

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Clipped Shelving saves time and labour costs

Bolted or clipped, new or used, open or closed types are available

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Wire Mesh Decks and Partitions

LAKESIDE wire mesh decks are available in all sizes and load capacities

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Safety Bars / Rack Guards

Double up for the sake of safety!

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Installation & Relocation

Your system will be carefully monitored by a LAKESIDE project manager to ensure all commitment dates are met.